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Festival of Games

Festival of Games on First Birthday!

Whenever someone on the VSPT staff has a birthday we declare it official Games Day! A declaration of Games Day means we stop work and spend the day playing volleyball, basketball, horseshoes and frisbee. We also prepare a big lunch that includes the rare treat of beef and sodas.
For some of my staff Games Day

17 Gorillas Names

17 Baby Gorillas Named at Ceremony

The 8th annual gorilla-naming ceremony, or Kwita Izina, took place on June 16th under the umbrella theme “Sustainable Tourism for a Green Economy.”  This year’s ceremony named the 17 baby gorillas born in the past 12 months, a tradition that has named about 141 baby gorillas since its inception in 2005!
This event is a welcome

New Flying Safaris

Volcanoes Now Offers Flying Safaris!

Volcanoes Safaris is happy to announce the opening of new scheduled flights that will make the rare mountain gorillas more accessible to tourists than ever before!
In Uganda, Air Kenya has launched new scheduled flights within the country that will drastically cut the travel time of guests travelling between Kampala and our lodges and greatly improve

Trip with Birdwatchers

A Trip With the Birdwatchers

It’s finally time, my 12 day safari officially begins!
It’s hard to contain the excitement until the very first second I jump into the car and I notice four nice looking people and….”The Birds of East Africa, Volume 1.” Oh Gosh, the birds people!
I have to say I have nothing against birding or birdwatchers, the only

Silver Lining

Sleeping Giant’s Final Rest has Silver Lining

Even giants eventually must fall, as was evidenced June 28th with the passing of Ruhondeza, the oldest silverback gorilla and leader of the first habituated gorilla family within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, in Uganda.
The UWA announced news of his death with great sadness, as he represented the beginning of protected great ape tourism within the

East Africa Takes to Air

East Africa Takes to the Air!

Coastal Aviation now offers a connection between Rwanda and the savannah plains of Kenya and Tanzania, making the rare mountain gorillas more accessible to tourists than ever before!
Mountain gorillas can now be easily reached from the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti! Coastal will connect daily from the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara to Mwanza where