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Ebola 5 Dec

Volcanoes Safaris Statement on Ebola

Volcanoes Safaris Update on Ebola 5 December 2012
There have been reports of Ebola in the north of Uganda, away from Kampala and other main sources of habitation.
The WHO has advised that there is no need for any travel or trade restrictions for Uganda.
Travel is proceeding normally to all areas of Uganda. Guests are proceeding with

Wedding Day at Virunga

Wedding Day at Virunga Lodge

Volcanoes Safaris is happy to share the romantic story of Victoria and Ross, who recently got married in the stunning setting of Volcanoes Virunga Lodge.
Volcanoes were delighted to accommodate their families and closest friends at the Lodge to help celebrate their special day.
The ceremony commenced with a preformance from the Lodges Intore drummers before Ross