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Kyambura Chimp Naming Ceremony

Kyambura Gorge’s first chimpanzee baby naming ceremony was held at the UWA Fig Tree Camp in Queen Elizabeth National Park on July 18th!  
Kyambura Gorge is home to a unique and isolated community of 24 chimpanzees. Research conducted between 2006 – 2009 by Nicole Simmons, who is now the VSPT project coordinator, revealed that the


A Special Encounter in Bwindi

One of my enduring memories of gorilla tracking at Bwindi was when we approached a nursing mother gorilla with her infant. The infant was busily nursing with her mother. I started taking pictures. 

My heart was pounding with excitement – so much so that I thought my heart would burst thru my chest to be observing


Diary of a Muzungu Visits Kyambura

“Day breaks over the Rift Valley and my early morning coffee has arrived, a wake-up call for my morning safari game drive in Queen Elizabeth.
Game drive or lie-in? Game drive or lie-in? I ponder. Hmmm…
Too many decisions, too early in the morning. I lie there in the huge double bed, the smell of the wonderfully


Uganda Uncovered – Roxy’s First Visit

Uganda is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully diverse countries with forests and plains, primates and game with the most welcoming friendly inhabitants. There is so much variation in the country, not just the landscapes, but also the different species you will find out there.
My first stop was to Kyambura Gorge Lodge, situated outside Queen


New Chimp Naming Ceremony!

The Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust is proud to help sponsor Kyambura Gorge’s first ever Chimpanzee Baby Naming Ceremony!


VS Update on Report of Unrest in the DRC 17 July 2013

Volcanoes Safaris update on report of unrest in the DRC 17 July 2013
There have been reports of Congolese refugees entering Uganda after recent unrest in the town of Kamango in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
The refugees are currently being cared for by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and other organisations.
We are