May 15, 2012

8th Annual Gorilla Naming Ceremony

The 8th Annual Gorilla Naming Ceremony will take place in Rwanda on the 16th June and is open to all Volcanoes clients and guests travelling in Rwanda at that time!

Every year in the month of June the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) hosts the Kwita Izina – Gorilla Naming Ceremony. This year the ceremony enters its 8th Year, proving to be a popular attraction for those lucky enough to attend. It can be a procedure that can add to an already unique and magical experience with Volcanoes, as you are permitted to be present at an important moment for gorilla tourism in the country!

Attendance is open to anyone travelling in the area at the time. At this year’s event, names will be given to 15 baby mountain gorillas at Virunga National Park. The theme is ‘Sustainable Tourism and Greener Economy’.

Contact us if you are one of lucky Volcanoes guests travelling in Rwanda on the 16th June and wish to attend the Kwita Izina celebrations!

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