VSPT Project’s Manager

Very interesting position for filed professional able to work independently and to take initiative. The work focuses on some of the extremely poor communities and offers a good blend of community and conservation projects, in some of the most beautiful areas in Africa. Applications closing on 31 March 2015.

Job Description

Reports to:                      VSPT Board of Directors

Primary supervisor:         Praveen Moman

Support staff:                   VS Co-ordinator

Salary: Salary dependent on age and experience in the range of  $1000- 1500 per month. Housing provided in the field. Two flights a year to home country.

Location:                         Virunga Lodge, Musanze, Rwanda

Holiday:                           21 working days


The Project Manager will advise on and coordinate projects that enhance the livelihoods of the surrounding community, and help to safeguard wildlife in Virunga, Bwindi, Gahinga and Kyambura Gorge VS lodge areas.

The role requires a strong manager with a keen interest rural communities and in the conservation of wildlife, who can work independently to identify, implement and manage self-sustainable community projects with limited resources.

Key Objectives

  • To identify, implement and manage initiatives in the community to enhance livelihoods and increase household incomes in the communities surrounding the four Volcanoes Safaris Lodges.
  • To provide written proposals for new project initiatives for board review and approval.
  • To provide written project reports as supporting documents for fundraising and marketing activities.
  • To supervise the work and projects of the VSPT Projects Assistants and the four lodge locations.
  • To advise, coordinate and help structure initiatives in Bwindi, Gahinga and Virunga and offer support where necessary.
  • To review the month budgets of and progress reports of the Projects Assistants.
  • To manage VSPT relationships in the area with key members of the community, as well as the Uganda Wildlife Authority and other conversational groups in the area.
  • To provide a Quarterly progress report and advise on project scope and necessary funding for continued success.
  • To present a quarterly budget and submit monthly cash requirements for initiatives at the four lodge locations.
  • To provide on site training to Volcanoes Safaris Lodge Staff on VSPT projects for promotion to visiting lodge guests.
  • Support the management at VS Lodges with community relations, activities and points of interests for VS lodge staff and lodge guests added value activities.

Detailed Role

1. To implement projects that meet the objectives of the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust and therefore aim to improve rural livelihoods, promote responsible ecotourism and safeguard great apes and their habitat.

2. To identify the needs of the community, and available resources to successfully implement self-sustainable projects that will enhance the livelihoods of the community while conserving vegetation and wildlife.

3. To manage community expectations through a regular dialogue with key members of the community and local government.

4. To identify assess community and conservation needs at all VSPT locations and design projects and logistical needs of potential sustainable projects.

5. To build relationships with local community and conservation groups and local government (e.g. Local chairpersons) to ensure VSPT’s good standing and relationship with our local communities.

6. To ensure continues success of the VSPT existing projects by meeting weekly with project assistants and at least quarterly with VSPT community project groups (e.g. coffee cooperative, Gahinga Batwa etc)

7. To support wildlife control on site and with the community to reduce human-wildlife conflict in the area and educate the community on the importance of conservation. To liaise with UWA to help manage wildlife control in and around the lodges.

8. To report monthly on the progress of each of the initiatives and submit monthly cash requirements based on a monthly budget presented and agreed on by the Trustees.

9. To act as a projects manager to the projects coordinators for Bwindi, Virunga and Gahinga to help form key relationships and develop initiatives that are in line with the objectives of the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust. To oversee and manage the work of the projects assistants to ensure consistency.

10. To assist in field advisory role to VS operations manager when needed.

Key Working Relationships


  • Key Community Members and Local Government
  • Specific Community Groups
  • VS Clients
  • Local community and conservation organizations


  • Praveen Moman, Chair of Trustees and MD (UK, Uganda, Rwanda)
  • Giulia Moman, Secretary VSPT Uganda
  • VSPT Board of Trustees
  • VS Accounts

Measurement of Success

Success of those in this role will be measured principally by the factors below.

  • The ability to structure and then build, manage and grow effective community projects and conservation initiatives in Kyambura, Bwindi, Gahinga and Virunga that are in keeping with the main objectives of the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust.
  • The improved visibility of the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust and the work it is doing in each of the above-mentioned areas.
  • The effective management of both projects and staff involved with the Trust and it’s activities.


Volcanoes has worked in Uganda and Rwanda with a dedicated and inspiring team for more than fifteen years. We have offices in Kampala, Kigali and London as well as four eco-luxury lodges in the Western Rift Valley region.

As Volcanoes continues to grow we are always keen to receive applications from suitable qualified staff. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we invite applications from people of all backgrounds, both from within local regions and nationals from around the world.


Younger applicants who have recently graduated or have a post-graduate qualification such as an MBA and are looking to widen their business experience and would like to take on internships in any of the areas listed above are also welcome to apply.

Please apply to setting out your experience and qualifications.